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Standing Seam Metal Roof

The standing seam metal roof has never been better! We install all-aluminum, technologically-innovative vertical panels, which interlock at the seam. This roofing is coated with an exclusive paint system that forms a barrier to any weather. It is more beautiful than any other vertical metal roofing. This durable and attractive roof is perfect on homes or commercial property.

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Standing Seam RoofThe look is classic. It can give a home that "Key West" tropical charm. Seamed metal is perfect for replicating the old tin roofs on a turn-of-the-century home - on a rounded spire or a gable. The look is completely modern or perfectly historic. Seamed metal gives a commercial building a very professional appearance, and our products feature a color selection that add class to any business exterior. This may be one of the most adaptable roofs available! It can be installed atop many existing roofs.

If you already have a standing seam metal roof, you may know the benefits. If you don't, you will want to know that it is perfect for sloped, steeply sloped, and gently sloping roofs. Here is what makes the product superior:

  • The panels are heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum alloy. They are twelve inches wide, the perfect scale for most architecture. The material and the coating carry lifetime guarantees - it will perform for 50 years or more. In fact, the standing seam metal roof manufacturer is so confident in the lifetime performance that the warranty is transferrable.
  • All of the fasteners are concealed. You never see a screw or a nail. This stainless steel clip fasteners ensure a very secure attachment, which can withstand winds of up to 120 miles per hour. This unique system allows for the natural contraction and expansion of metal. As your standing seam metal roof adjusts to temperature change, the fasteners give it the freedom to expand and contract without loosening the attachment.
  • Our roofing systems are available in a palette of low-gloss colors, including white. A white roof is the ultimate energy-saving "cool roof". It will reflect sunlight, preventing the roof from heating up and lowering temperatures inside your home or business. Even darker colors are engineered to provide an appreciable level of reflectivity. Whether you choose white or creamy caramel, you will have a clean and contemporary look that complements almost any architecture. The standing seam metal roof has become a classic. It is a durable material with a luxurious look.
  • The color coating is applied in the course of manufacturing, and is bonded to the metal at the molecular level. It will not chip, peel, flake or blister due to cold. Your standing seam metal roof is guaranteed to remain hail resistant, to deflect punctures, and to keep that resistance with age. The color is warranted to remain true - no fading - for 30 years after installation.
  • Aluminum roofing systems offer superior fire protection. Many home insurers offer discounts for roofing that has the high fire rating of metal. You can be confident your home or business is protected by this non-combustible roofing material.

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A standing seam metal roof enhances the value of your home or property.
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  • "We wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our new metal roof. It has been the talk of our neighborhood all summer. We’ve even had a couple of roofers who were giving estimates to some of our neighbors come over to look at it..."

    The Adams/Perko Family
  • "Thank you for doing a wonderful job on our new metal roof. We think it looks great, and others have told us that too. We appreciate the courteousness of all the workers, and how they kept to the task. We highly recommend Mike Pelow and the..."

    Don and Peg Leonard
  • "I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying the rustic shingle roof. “Enjoy” is to calm of a word. I am glad I didn’t get this off to you ‘til this year because now I know how much cooler it keeps the house. I went in there after two 88 degree days..."

    Sue Graham
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