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Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Metal Roofing Systems takes a leadership role in all industry associations. Our team is known for its experience, knowledge, and willingness to help homeowners no matter what type of roofing product they are considering. You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us anytime for a prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable answer!

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  • What will happen to a Classic Metal Roof in a lightning storm?

    Lightning occurs from the highest object in an area, regardless of the material from which it is made. Metal roofing does not create nor attract lightning and poses no additional lightning risk to the structures it protects.

  • What about hail?

    The heavily-textured beauty of our metal shingle roofing systems adds strength and prepares them to take whatever Mother Nature dishes out. Our warranty provides specific hail protection including protection against finish damage and leaking due to hail. Additionally, unlike most other roofing materials, metal does not lose impact resistance with age – this is a real bonus over other products which become more susceptible to damage with each passing year. Because of our Class IV UL 2218 Impact Resistance Rating, you might even be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. In the event of an especially severe storm, if an indentation does occur, it can often be repaired easily and invisibly by capping over the damaged shingle panel with a new panel.

  • When it rains, will it sound loud on the roof?

    The deep-textured folds in our metal shingle products avoid the ‘pinging’ sound you might expect from rain hitting a flatter metal roof. As a result, for normal construction methods, metal roofing does not create any objectionable noise during rainstorms. Attic airspace and ventilation play a role in sound absorption as well. For the rare instance where a home’s construction may make noise a potential concern, we offer optional foam inserts for use behind our metal shingles for additional sound deadening.

  • Can we walk on it?

    Our high-strength metals, combined with deep texturing, don’t lose their strength over time, making our roofs just as resistant to foot traffic and even hail when they are many years old as they are when they are new. Your product representative will be able to give you instructions on how to safely walk on your roof. Optional foam inserts are available for use with our shingle products in areas where protection against heavy foottraffic is desired. It is also important to note that the random texture of our metal shingles will mask any minor indentations which may occur.

  • What about fire?

    A Classic Metal Roof is completely non-combustible and provides great protection from external fires. Additionally, the extreme low weight of our products minimizes any cave-in threat which might occur with an interior house fire.

  • What is the difference between buying a Classic Metal Roof and purchasing sheets of metal roofing through a national home improvement chain?

    We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service. We distribute our products through a highly qualified network of independent dealers trained in providing customers top quality service, installation and peace of mind. The home improvement chains carry a narrower array of often lower-quality products. Homeowners who purchase big box products can be severely disappointed by the lower quality metals, coatings, and product designs they purchased. By choosing Classic Metal Roofing Systems, you are assured top-quality products, serviced and installed by the best.

  • How does a metal roof compare in cost with other roofing materials?

    A Classic Metal Roof is an investment in your home which provides an immediate and ongoing increase in home value. While it has a higher upfront cost, homeowners who plan to remain in their home through at least one more re-roofing cycle (usually 12 – 17 years), will see a significant financial benefit from a Classic roof that will not have to be replaced during that time or even long after. A Classic Metal Roof will also save you money on ever-increasing home energy bills as well as costly and messy re-roofing with temporary roofing products.

  • How much longer will a Classic Metal Roof last in comparison to common roofing like asphalt or wood shingles?

    With temporary roofing products, your roof starts to deteriorate the moment it is installed. According to the asphalt roofing industry, the average lifespan of traditional shingles is 12-17 years! Heavily pro-rated or limited warranties on these products bring little or no value to property owners. Wood shingles also deteriorate quickly. Classic Metal Roofing Systems carry meaningful long-term warranties on both the base metal and their high-quality coatings. Feel free to call us and discuss the details of our warranty – we believe it is solidly the best in the industry!

  • Is a Classic Metal Roof environmentally-friendly?

    A Classic Metal Roofing System is a Green Roof – it is made from 95% recycled aluminum and its long life expectancy guarantees sustainability. Add in energy efficiency and the ability to be installed over most existing roofs (avoiding landfill disposal of old materials) and you have what is likely the most environmentally-friendly roof available to homeowners! In comparison, temporary roofing materials use up precious natural resources and pollute the earth by sitting in landfills.

  • "We wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our new metal roof. It has been the talk of our neighborhood all summer. We’ve even had a couple of roofers who were giving estimates to some of our neighbors come over to look at it..."

    The Adams/Perko Family
  • "Thank you for doing a wonderful job on our new metal roof. We think it looks great, and others have told us that too. We appreciate the courteousness of all the workers, and how they kept to the task. We highly recommend Mike Pelow and the..."

    Don and Peg Leonard
  • "I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying the rustic shingle roof. “Enjoy” is to calm of a word. I am glad I didn’t get this off to you ‘til this year because now I know how much cooler it keeps the house. I went in there after two 88 degree days..."

    Sue Graham
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