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When a roofing contractor is a specialist - as we are - you benefit. It means you can be confident that our installers have exceptional training and experience. You can be assured that they know the materials they install, have proven good workmanship, and they can be more efficient. We specialize in aluminum roofing. The superiority of metal, combined with the benefits of installation by specialists, make our company the top choice in Northern Ohio.

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Cleveland Roofing ContractorWe offer both home and commercial aluminum roofing, and will replace a current roof or install on new construction. We extol the benefits of metal roofing because it is so versatile, and the durability is not matched by any other material. We know we are providing a top product, because the manufacturer backs it up with lifetime warrantees for labor and materials. You will never need a roofing contractor to replace your roof again. If your home or commercial property is new, metal gives you a lifetime roof. We are the exclusive representative in Northern Ohio of the top manufacturer of aluminum roofing. They offer exceptional durability with a choice of styles:

  • The traditional flat shingle look of metal (Oxford)
  • Aluminum panels that replicate wood (Rustic Shingle)
  • An exact match for the look of shakes (Country Manor)
  • Standing seam metal with next generation dependability (ClickLock)

Whether you are replacing or choosing the first roof on your building, metal will "pay you back" in electricity cost savings. As a roofing contractor, we are proud to participate in the movement to energy efficient roofing. Our aluminum products are manufactured with a molecularly bonded paint coating that reflects nearly half of the heat of the sun. The other half is not absorbed by the coated aluminum; it "re-emits" the heat into the atmosphere. Because the heat does not pass through the roof into your interior, air conditioning savings can be significant.

  • You may find a roofing contractor offering metal roofing as just one of the materials he installs. We made it our mission to become experts, so that our skills and standards never vary. We truly believe that aluminum roofing is the foremost value.
  • You may also find a roofing contractor who says he "doesn't bother" with metal roofing. We respect that this is one way to do business. That business is probably built around replacement roofing, and they'll stay busy with asphalt shingle (which lasts an average of only 12 years), as well as replacing real wood that ages badly and rots, or tile that cracks and crumbles as it ages. Aluminum roofing won't rot, crack, or deteriorate.

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Roof Contractor ToledoYou have chosen a roofing contractor whose customer feedback resulted in accreditation by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and we are also EPA Lead Safe Certified. You may have heard from friends or family that the skill and standards of roofers may vary. We are a family-owned business, and we bring a combined 50 years of high standards to every job. We have a lot of experience respecting our area's beautiful historic architecture, and are proud to have been chosen by many area churches.

Contact us for roofing contractor in Cleveland, Ohio as well as in Toledo, Sandusky, Bowling Green, Findlay, Akron, Youngstown, Mentor, Bryan and throughout Northern Ohio. While American Metal Roofing specializes in aluminum roofing, also have other metal roofing products available.