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Leaky Roof

Do you have a leaky roof? Our repair division provides expert service on all of the popular roofing materials.

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Leaky Roof in ClevelandHere's good advice from the experts: try not to panic! The fact is that most roof leaks can be fixed at reasonable prices. The key is to call us quickly. People who wait usually face more extensive and expensive repairs than if they had acted immediately. It is also critical to call for our expert roof repair services if, after a thunderstorm or winter gale, you see some missing shingles, shakes, tiles or metal panels. You can head off a leaky roof by being proactive. Call us whether your roof is sloped, steeply pitched, or flat.

Here's more advice, from home improvement and consumer websites: use professionals. Finding the origin of a problem and fixing it means walking on a roof, and emergency room doctors will tell you that they see serious injuries from falls off of roofs. We understand that you want to try to identify what's wrong so you can tell us when you call. Our advice is to go to the top of a ladder leaned against the house, and stop. Let our trained crews take it from there.

Another tendency of some home and commercial property owners is to head up to the attic or crawl space to try to dry out insulation, sometimes with electric space heaters, water vacuums and even hair dryers. Electricity and water are a dangerous mix. Please don't add electricity to the problem.

What are the common causes of a leaky roof?

  • Any roofing material can spring a leak if it is damaged. Storms are usually the culprit. Wind is especially troublesome, because it finds a way up and under shingles, tiles or panels. The lifting power of wind will loosen attachments and can carry off lighter materials. Debris or branches can break the surface.
  • Age will cause a leaky roof. Many of the most popular roofing materials ultimately stop providing water protection. As an example, the granules wear off of shingles. Wood and shakes crack and rot. Tile crumbles with age. Inferior metal roofing loosens at the seams.
  • Here in the shadow of Lake Erie, heavy snows and resulting ice dams commonly result in a leaky roof. A pool of water sits on your roof when ice forms a dam. This water from melting snow would normally be shed by the slope of the roof. The weight of ice and snow can collapse a seam. This will allow water in. An undiscovered breach in the surface also invites water to penetrate.
  • Every roof has flashing, and many a leaky roof has a problem with it. Flashing is the metal that is installed around plumbing and furnace vents, chimneys, and at the "valleys" where sections of roof meet. Flashing failure is the number one source of leaks on home roofing.

Roof Leak RepairA final word of advice: The National Roofing Contractor Association (NRCA) warns against immediately accepting the lowest repair bid, because it can indicate a roofer who may be cutting corners.

We have the skill to fix any leaky roof.
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Contact us for leaky roof in Toledo, Ohio as well as Sandusky, Bowling Green, Findlay, Mentor, Bryan and throughout Northern Ohio.