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Aluminum Roofing

Aluminum roofing has revolutionized home and commercial roofing. It is a revolution in durability, in attractiveness, and in weather resistance. When home and business owners see the superiority of modern metal roofing, they know it is the wise, cost-efficient and beautiful choice.

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Toledo Aluminum RoofsThe metal roofs we install provide exclusive features and benefits:

  • Interlocking panels for strength and weather tightness
  • An electro-statically bonded coating in a choice of colors
  • Textures that match the look of wood and shingles
  • Can often be installed over an existing roof
  • The panels are low weight and highly fire resistant
  • Aluminum roofing will not split, crack, rot, or peel
  • Wind tested up to 120 miles per hour
  • The estimated life dwarfs that of conventional roofing materials

Residential aluminum roofing is so adaptable, and available in so many styles and colors, that we have been able to install it on log cabins, A-frames, classic ranch houses and peaked-roof Tudors. We offer three main styles: the look of a conventional composite Oxford shingle; the rustic shingle charm of split wood; and the Country Manor has the class of wood shakes. The ingenious factory textures and colors have people saying "you can't tell them apart" from conventional materials. There is no shine, no fake-looking uniformity and no color that is inappropriate in any neighborhood.

The classic vertical standing seam metal roof is one of the most popular commercial roof styles in use today (and on many residences, too). Our aluminum roofing takes the look of your building to a next level of professionalism and attractiveness. It takes far less of a long-term bite out of your capital budget. Because of the many colors available in both standing seam and traditional shingle panels, we have been able to match the corporate colors of a national pizza chain and other commercial properties. A free-standing medical or legal office adds class with the look of wood shingles or shakes. The durability and a cost-benefit analysis prove that aluminum is the clear choice.

We have had the honor of installing aluminum roofing on many churches in our area. The styles look at home atop the spire of an historic building, or complement the modern sweep of a contemporary house of worship. In the New Testament St. Peter said, "Upon this rock I will build my church". We are proud that upon these churches we have built rock-solid roofing.

Aluminum Roof in ClevelandBecause aluminum roofing is so light, we are able to install it directly on top of many existing roofs, adding a new synthetic felt layer atop the old surface. We could not do this if the interlocking panels did not form a seal that is impenetrable by water. The metal and coating are designed to be much cooler on the surface, which reduces cooling demand inside a home or business.

Our family has 50 years in the roofing industry, but we believe so strongly in the superiority of aluminum materials that we have dedicated our business to specializing in its installation. This gives our customers confidence that our crews are highly trained and deeply experienced. You always receive top workmanship backed by our business integrity. We can show you examples of our work in your area!

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We provide aluminum roofing in Cleveland, Ohio as well as in Toledo, Sandusky, Bowling Green, Findlay, Akron, Youngstown, Mentor, Bryan and throughout Northern Ohio.