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Dear American Metal roofs of Northern Ohio,
When having our roof done this past winter, Mike and his family were very professional.

The workers would show up in the morning and not quit until it was dark, and they always picked up all the material at the end of every day. One would not have even known they showed up for work on any given day except for the additional work that was done to the roof.

I would recommend Mike and the American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio company for any roofing need.

Eunice Thompson

Dear Mike,
I am writing to tell you how much I am enjoying the rustic shingle roof. “Enjoy” is to calm of a word. I am glad I didn’t get this off to you ‘til this year because now I know how much cooler it keeps the house. I went in there after two 88 degree days that it had been locked up thinking it would be sweltering in there and it was 69 degrees! Of course you know how beautiful it is. I am still getting compliments. And with the porch you put on, we can’t even notice the poor original architecture of the house. The whole project was a smashing success and is just beautiful!!!!! You guys did great work; you were professional in every way, neat, courteous, and the neighbor said you cleaned up his rental perfectly too.

Sue Graham

American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio
We wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with our new metal roof. It has been the talk of our neighborhood all summer. We’ve even had a couple of roofers who were giving estimates to some of our neighbors come over to look at it.

Your crew did a wonderful job. We are planning to build a pitched roof over our garage sometime in the next year or two to get rid of the flat roof that is there now. We will be in touch with you for roofing the new porch when the time comes.

The Adams/Perko Family

Dear Mike,
I wanted to write this letter to tell you that I am very satisfied with the roofing job that your organization just completed. The level of professionalism and quality of work was above my expectations.

This was at best a very challenging job given the nature of the size of the roof, the addition of the cool vent panels and the new skylights that were installed.

Your staff including your sons were some of the most professional and conscientious people I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the years. Their major concern the entire project was the protection of my home during any and all weather conditions. The job site was left clean and organized at the end of each day and disruptions were kept to an absolute minimum.

Please do not hesitate to provide our name as a reference for your future engagements.

Very Truly Yours,
Tony and Lynn Lyons

Dear American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio,
We are sorry it took so long to send this letter. We are very pleased with the quality of work your company showed back in May when the roof was put on. We love how it looks. We get compliments from many of our friends. They can’t believe it is a metal roof.

The three gentlemen who did the work were pleasant, courteous, and hard working individuals. Qualities like these are sometimes hard to find in roofers, painters, builders, etc. We enjoyed having the men around.

We are now having the house painted beige instead of white and the roof looks even better than it did before if that is possible.

Thanks again for doing a great job. If anyone of our friends or family is looking for a metal roof to be installed, we will recommend American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio.

Thanks Again,
Bob and Carol Patterson

To American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio
Thank you for doing a wonderful job on our new metal roof. We think it looks great, and others have told us that too.

We appreciate the courteousness of all the workers, and how they kept to the task. We highly recommend Mike Pelow and the American Metal Roofs of Northern Ohio.

Don and Peg Leonard