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Oxford Shingle (Aluminum Roofing System)

Oxford Shingle

Oxford Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Systems is in a class by itself. It gives your home the beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and innovative design that no other roofing material can live up to. Oxford Shingle is designed for peak performance using only first quality aluminum, 21st century coatings, and passionate design to protect and enhance the beauty of your home. Simply put, Oxford Shingle all protect your home for as long as you own it and new homeowners for up to 40 years from the point of installation.

PDF FileDownload the brochure for the Oxford Shingle.

Rustic Shingle (Aluminum Roofing System)

Rustic Shingle

There is something about Rustic Shingle by Classic Metal Roofing Systems that says strength, stability, and elegance. Designed to replicate the rich, inviting beauty go hand-split cedar shakes, Rustic Shingle has the added benefits of reducing your energy costs and needs no expensive maintenance. Using the best aluminum, Rustic Shingle emulate the appearance of wood shakes while adding strength and resilience that will out-last and out-perform temporary roofing materials.

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Country Manor Shake (Aluminum Roofing System)

Country Manor Shake

Because of the stringent requirements of the MCA Certified Metal Roofing Program, homeowners who choose Country Manor Shake by Classic Metal Roofing Systems can be assured they are purchasing a product of the highest quality which utilizes only “first quality” raw materials and does not include lower quality raw materials purchased in the “secondary” or “distressed” market. Using Country Manor Shake ensures long term satisfaction.

PDF FileDownload the brochure for the Country Manor Shake

Great American Shake (Steel Roofing System)

Great American Shake

Great American Shake’s high performance Kynar 500 coating creates a tight molecular bold which protects it’s vibrant colors. Each Great American Shake roof comes with a 30 year Fade Resistant warranty to ensure your roof’s color looks as beautiful in ten, fifteen, and twenty years as it did the day it was installed. The Great American Shake by Classic Metal Roofing Systems comes with a lifetime limited non-prorated warranty.

PDF FileDownload the brochure for the Great American Shake

ClickLock Standing Seam (Aluminum Roofing System)

ClickLock Standing Seam

Simply put, ClickLock Premium Standing Seam by Classic Metal Roofing Systems is the highest quality standing seam on the market. ClickLock’s sturdy aluminum design and clip-fastened system ensure your roof will remain rust free and leak free for decades to come. Ideal for both residential and light commercial applications, this system combines the sleek, contemporary look of vertically seamed roofing with the worry-free future you can expect from a metal roof.

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Manufactured from industrial-grade 0.32” aluminum alloy, GrandeTile offers wind and weather resistance unmatched by other products. Unlike tile roofing, which is pronto cracking and chipping, GrandeTile resists the rigors of aging and stays corrosion-resistant. Even cut edges will not rust. And the baked-on coating resists fade and degradation better than any other coating available today.

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ThermoBond takes metal roofing into previously uncharted territories of naturally variegated coloring. ThermoBond breaks free of the monochromatic appearance of your average metal roof. It is a special PVDF powder coating that gives metal roofing systems a naturally weathered and textured look. And, because they use the same chemistry as Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000 coatings, ThermoBond finishes are unmatched.

PDF FileDownload the brochure for the ThermoBond Finish

ArrowLine by EDCO (Steel Roofing System)

ArrowLine by EDCO

ArrowLine metal roofing was developed for roofing and sidewall applications utilizing the latest technology to be environmentally safe and extremely long lasting. Unlike traditional roofing products, ArrowLine metal roofing will not warp, split, peel or crack and defies wind in excess of 150 mph. They easily withstand frigid northern winters as well as the blistering southern sun.

PDF FileDownload the brochure for the ArrowLine by EDCO.